Zoe Rayne's Diary - 2

was one of the Pals they were gonna sell.
But she looked so lonely in her cage.
She was just like me—and father, I thought.
I was still little back then, so I couldn't control myself.
I waited until everybody was sleeping, opened 's cage, and ran off far away with her.
I shared half a slice of my breakfast toast with her, but we were both hungry by evening and went back to the base.
Of course, all the guys were super angry. They threw me in a cage with and I thought we were gonna get taken away, but protected me.
Not even their guns or bats could beat her.
How did she get captured in the first place if she's that strong?
I bet she didn't even try to escape, the big dummy.
I gave a command, and she called down a huge bolt of lightning that wiped out all the guys. They didn't wake up until the next morning.
Ever since then, I've been with .