Lily Everhart's Diary - 2

I will recount the day I met .
I remember that the fog was so thick that day that I could scarcely see in front of my very eyes.
I was simply walking along the berry fields, as I am fond of doing,
when I heard the clamorous voices of those abhorrent poachers.
When I looked to where I could hear the sound of their filthy screams, I saw them throwing Spheres at a Pal resembling a vivid lily flower.
She was so beautiful and elegant.
At that moment, I knew what I must do.
I pierced their dirty hearts through the back and destroyed their scattered Spheres.
They shot at me a few times, but it was a trivial matter.
I could not touch such a beautiful flower with my trembling, bloodstained hands. Instead, I returned immediately to my base.
When I arrived, I found the queen of the lilies there, awaiting me.
When she touched my arm, my wounds were healed, and the fatigue began to fade away.
From that day forward, I decided to become companions with my queen.
She is the only flower that blooms in this sad, dark world.