Victor Ashford's Diary - 1
On Interspecies Pal Experiments

Attempted to combine various four-legged and winged Pals, but no successful patterns emerged.
Some combinations succeeded in creating bodies, but these deteriorated in seconds, and all were disposed of.

Reconsideration of chemicals for response control is necessary. Furthermore, the expansion of species to inspect is also likely necessary.
Will reconsider extracting chemicals from Eikthyrdeer antlers to create a compound.
Storage temperatures also require reconsideration. Note: Acquire one Ice Pal for cooling purposes.
Re-examination of base DNA information for the species under consideration is desirable.
Analysis of Pal DNA information is pressing but requires new equipment.
However, the current equipment was coincidentally acquired from outside. There are limits to how far it can be improved.
This will require self-made blueprints to create equipment from scratch.