Castaway's Journal - Day 10

Today I decided to take my Pals on a bit of an excursion.
A tower-like object visible in the distance had piqued my curiosity.
After walking a while, I encountered another human! When I tried to talk to them, however, they didn't say a word and just pointed a gun at me!
Since they're on this island, it would make sense to consider them a remnant of the ancient civilization, but their attire suggests they're likely from the same era as I am.
Are they, just like me, from the outside? Or has this ancient civilization developed here of its own accord?
I was in a rough spot, but my sheep Pal protected me, allowing me to escape unscathed.
I immediately returned to my base of operations and found that all my Pals were safe. There's still so much to learn about this island.