Victor Ashford's Diary - 2
On the Distillation and Administration of Pals to the Same Species

A certain species of Pal was dissolved in liquid and concentrated via distillation.
Subsequently, the concentrated liquid was administered to Pal of the same species.
As expected, the result yielded an enhancement in the abilities of the administered Pal.

This experiment, initiated as an alternative approach towards generating powerful Pals,
surprisingly yielded favorable outcomes.
Theories postulating that Pals of a certain species contain the nutrients most necessary for the same type of Pal seem valid.
This experiment has accordingly resulted in the enhancement of the test Pal's abilities.
However, there remains a slight doubt regarding whether the observed enhancement surpasses the anticipated values.
Perhaps it is not merely a matter of basic nutrients,
but rather we must question whether Pals inherently possess a distinct energy source essential for their own existence. Further investigation is required.