Marcus Dryden's Diary - 1

What a joke. All the idiots do around here is snort up stims. It's a real dump.
There's no point in even trying to control it.
PIDF doesn't belong in a place like this.
The guys I arrested today couldn't even pay the fine.

Guess it's to be expected if they spend all their money getting a fix.
Bet they can't even imagine the money they pay ends up lining my pockets.
I make a profit when they buy, and then I make more when I arrest them for possession.
And I even get back my product to sell again when I confiscate what they have. It's a grand scheme.

They're idiots, and I'm a genius. This is just their punishment for being fools.
Understand? This island is just my little sandbox to play on.

For all I care, they can live their little sad lives without ever knowing I'm the one supplying their fix and the one controlling it.
If I let 'em get carried away, they'll just go off demanding rights that ain't fit for garbage like them.