Lily Everhart's Diary - 1

Pals. Such strange creatures.
These noble beings have upheld our civilization since ancient times.
They not only boast impressive intellect, reflexes, and adaptability,
but are adorable to look at as well. How could anyone not come to love them?
Humans are savage animals.
With an insatiable appetite for the proliferation of their own kind, they subjugate other species and enslave them.
They engage in pointless strife, consume flesh for no reason, and develop beyond their needs.
When one takes into account their hideous appearance, how could anyone not detest them?
Humans capture Pals and use them.
If a Pal is confined to a so-called Pal Sphere, they become obedient to their master.
What abhorrent tools they become. One can only say this is the greatest stain in the history of our civilization.
Pals and humans were originally meant to live alongside each other in mutual support.
Not a relationship between master and servant, but one of equals—a harmonious coexistence, if you will.
Eating a Pal for food is akin to blasphemy against God.