Lily Everhart's Diary - 4

On some distant shore of the island, there exists an islet where certain Pals live.
Not a single one of their kind, strange as it may seem, resides on the main island.
Perhaps they can only flourish in a particular kind of environment, or their natural predators roam the main island. Then again, perhaps they are simply unable to cross the sea...
I do not know the reason they exist there, but I am certain that they must be protected.
Just imagining those poachers setting up a hideout there and ruining their way of life is enough to make my blood seethe.
With every visitor from the outside to their island, the Pals' numbers dwindle. At this rate, they may even go extinct.
I would like nothing more for us to protect them, but we have our hands full guarding this forest.
As loathe as I am to ask them for help, I have petitioned the PIDF to assist with their protection.
In return, we must pay them a hefty sum, but it is worth it if it means protecting the lives of precious Pals.
It seems my subordinates have found a way to generate revenue—I will set aside those funds for this endeavor.
It seems odd that they would be able to gather such large sums only through raids on the poachers' camps, though...