Content update for summer 2024

Content update for summer 2024

🌸Palworld Sakurajima Update - June 27th🌸

🧭New Island 🐸Tons of new Pals and subspecies! 🔥Challenge a new raid and hard-mode bosses! ⚓Plunder an enemy oil rig! 🚀Expanded building, new level cap and more! 🤝Xbox Dedicated Servers! ⚔️Arena 👀 ...and much more!

🌸Palworlds first major update, coming June 27th!🌸

Summer 2024

We are planning a larger, more content-packed update for summer 2024.

Enjoy never-before-seen scenery and thrilling adventures on a new island, home to many new pals.

In addition, we plan to add a large amount of new content including new buildings, weapons, and tower bosses.

Xbox Game Pass said Palworl's next update is coming in June.

Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest at June 7th will reveal all about new patch and release date.

New Pals: 8 confirmed

New Weapons

  • Energy Rifle
  • Flamethrower

New Area

  • Sakura Tree
  • Mushroom Swamp