Glider /30
name Max Speed Gravity Scale Stamina Drain
Galeclaw Lv.110000.03
Galeclaw Lv.211500.02759
Galeclaw Lv.313000.0258
Galeclaw Lv.415000.02257
Galeclaw Lv.517000.026
Killamari Lv.15000.0138
Killamari Lv.26000.0116.5
Killamari Lv.37000.009
Killamari Lv.48000.0073.5
Killamari Lv.59000.0052
Celaray Lv.16000.01610
Celaray Lv.27500.0148.5
Celaray Lv.39000.0127
Celaray Lv.410500.015.5
Celaray Lv.512000.0084
Hangyu Lv.11000.01
Hangyu Lv.20.0099
Hangyu Lv.30.0088
Hangyu Lv.40.0077
Hangyu Lv.50.0066
Hangyu Cryst Lv.1
Hangyu Cryst Lv.20.0099
Hangyu Cryst Lv.30.0088
Hangyu Cryst Lv.40.0077
Hangyu Cryst Lv.50.0066
Normal Parachute5000.0320
Mega Glider6500.0216
Giga Glider8000.01512
Hyper Glider30000.0210

Glider /5

Technology5 Speed50 Stamina Drain20
A glider for soaring through the air. Simply made, it isn't very fast.
Technology18 Speed65 Stamina Drain16
A glider for soaring through the air. A mass produced commercial model, it’s decently fast.
Technology40 Speed80 Stamina Drain12
A glider for soaring through the air. With its capabilities improved, it can soar at high speeds.
Speed300 Stamina Drain10
A glider for soaring through the air. Almost fast enough to keep up with airplanes.
Speed300 Stamina Drain10